Our Mission

To INSPIRE and EMPOWER the community through ARTs, EDUCATION, and CULTURE


Our Values

  • All are welcome
  • Resolve to be a socially, environmentally, and fiscally sound organization
  • Think of ART Inc when speaking of the arts in Central Illinois
  • Staying connected through collaboration and creative placemaking

Our Vision

ART Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a vision to nurture a vibrant community through arts and education, foster artistic excellence, entrepreneurship, and bring all people together for a powerful, shared experience.

Our Center

The Romain Arts & Culture Community Center (The RACC) sits in the former Greeley School-a 50,000 square foot school building in Peoria, IL. The building was purchased and paid in full in July of 2018.

In the age of STEAM-based education, community centers such as this are a valuable asset. The center offers arts education programs and rental spaces for community events, entrepreneurs, businesses, and artists.

The arts reach beyond experiencing and creating. A community thriving in arts can lead to improved early learning, higher educational achievement, enlivened elderly, better citizens, and enhanced business performance. In short, Artists ReEnvisioning Tomorrow helps makes our community a better place.

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