The Founding 100

Romain Arts and Culture Center
The first 100 people and/or organizations to make a $2,500 minimum donation to ART, Inc will become a part of the Founding 100. The Founding 100 Wall is featured on the main floor of The Romain Arts & Culture Center.
Become A Founding 100 member today! We have approximately 44 slots remaining and would love to add your name to this list of extra special donors that will live on the walls of our building for years to come.  Please contact Nikki Romain (708) 465-6505 for more information.

The Star ($15k)

Corbi Milligan

The Rising Stars ($10k+)

Dave & Dawn Bozeman

Andy Rubenstein

Rita Kress

Shevaun & Rob Fennell

The Sustaining Stars ($5k+)

Unity Point
St Paul
Illinois American Water
Associated Bank

Jessica Ruffin

The Star Cameo ($2.5K+)

  • John and Susan Salomon
  • Lee and Paula Shaw
  • Leonard and Robyn Stewart
  • Shanell McGoy
  • Judge Richard and Joyce Eagleton
  • Ronda Guyton
  • Jocelyn Hazelwood
  • Dominique Alexander
  • Stephen and Patti Bash
  • Carrie Strom
  • Dr. Sharon Kherat
  • Ronda Carter Adams
  • Robert and Crystal Singleton
  • Jarvis Stone
  • Dr. Taunya and Tony Jenkins
  • Polly Barton
  • Associated Bank
  • Quest Charter School
  • Les Willis
  • Paul Joseph
  • Helen P. Young
  • Sue E. Young
  • Doug and Eileen Leunig
  • Candis Edwards
  • Keith Knepp and Casey Messenger
  • Sid Ruckriegal
  • John Davis Jr.
  • Sally Snyder
  • Neil Brown
  • Robert Stevenson
  • Pastor Deveraux & Kristie Hubbard
  • Glen Charles
  • Dr. Emmanual Ayers
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Xi Omega Chapter
  • Dr. Linda Stewart
  • Beth AkesonS
  • Billy and Janay Frank
  • Charles and Katie Kim
  • Dr. Jim and Darlene Violet
  • Dr. Shanell L McGoy
  • Jim & Masako Johnson
  • Denis Cyr
  • Sal and Queenie Allan
  • The Bielfeldt Foundation