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In the Schools

In partnership with Peoria Public Schools, we provide teaching artists for their 21st Century Learning Centers and full service community schools program in the following areas: yoga, visual arts, dance, theater, film-making, STEAM, sewing, cooking, music, contemporary art, modern art and other arts based classes. Throughout the course of the 2018-2019 school year, we provided employment for at least 20 different artists and served well over 200 students.


  • Trewyn (K-8) – 1419 S Folkers Ave, Peoria, IL 61605
  • Glen Oak (5-8) – 2100 N Wisconsin Ave, Peoria, IL 61603
  • Manual (High School) – 811 S Griswold St, Peoria, IL 61605
  • Harrison – 2815 West Krause Ave, Peoria, IL 61605
  • Roosevelt – 1704 W Aiken Ave, Peoria, IL 61605