Experience the Magic of Our Debut Children’s Theatre Production, “The Grinch”

ART Inc. brings the classic holiday tale “The Grinch” to life on stage! Join us on December 22nd at 6pm or December 23rd at 2pm to witness the magic and discover the true spirit of Christmas.

ART Inc. is thrilled to announce the premiere of its eagerly anticipated children’s production, “The Grinch”. This heartwarming story revolves around the charming town of Whoville, where the residents wholeheartedly embrace the spirit of Christmas. However, amidst the festive cheer, there exists a mysterious outcast who despises Christmas and everything associated with it – the Grinch. Through the captivating journey of Cindy-Lou and her family, they open their hearts to the Grinch, revealing the true essence of Christmas. However, the Grinch, driven by his initial intentions, plots to ruin Christmas for the town by stealing all the presents on Christmas Eve. Yet, an unexpected change occurs within his heart as he witnesses the joyous celebrations of the townspeople, despite his misdeeds. Overwhelmed by this newfound understanding, the Grinch experiences a remarkable transformation and promptly returns the stolen gifts, joyously participating in all the festivities!  The play’s success is attributed to the direction of America Acosta, Jasym Burton, Arnetrice Reed, and Terrice Wilson.


Johari Moore as The Grinch

Bailey Day & Kennedy Romain as Cindy Lou Who

Lou Who- Dexter Lowry

Narrator 1 & 6-Taylor Botley

Narrator 2- Da’shyia Marks

Narrator 3 & 5- Maxtonn Brock

Narrator4- Teaira Brown

Stu Who- Darrien Lofton

Darla Who- Mallory Palazzo

Lilly who- Ariona Enriquez

Tilly Who-Aviona Enriquez

Betty Who- Courniah Price

Martha May Who- Carmen Cayson

Julie Who-Jianna Booth

Jenny Who- Mila Lowry

June Who- MiAyre Jones

Max- Hazel Milton

Baker- ZyQuira Daniel

Shopkeeper- Aaliya Bond

Santa- De’Sean Shelton

Child Martha- Jianna Booth

Child Mayor- Kyh’len Jones

Child Grinch- ZyQuira Daniel

Policeman- Karaya Slaughter

Mayor- Victor Washington

Nanny Who- Layla Porter

Who Teacher- Violet Alexander

Whoville’s town ladies- Markeycia Neely, Danasja Marks, & Demetriana Marks