EmpowHER Our Girls

This program is made possible by:

Grandmakers For Girls of Color





EmpowerHER Our Girls! Empowering young girls to be their best selves. This program is specifically for young girls grades 9th-12th grade to foster young female leaders who respect themselves and others while recognizing their own value and worth. This fall we will have a virtual 6-week course that meets every Tuesday 4-5:30pm starting September 15th.

This program provides the tools for self-care, confidence, and the value of empowering others through community service. She also has the confidence to express herself in the company of her peers as well as adults, and with mentoring, she understands that she can do and be anything she sets her mind to.

What’s Offered:

  • Creative Writing which allows students to express themselves through poetry, short stories, short films, and journalism taught by Los Angeles based international writer/producer/educator, Peppur Chambers.

  • Beauty/Skin where students will learn techniques and create products for their skin and hair taught by Peoria based esthetician and makeup artist, Dana Williams.

  • Community Service in which students can participate and create community service projects as well as hear from nonprofit leaders, activists, and philanthropists from around the world.



Creative Writing

Our Creative Writing class is taught by international writer/producer/educator, Peppur Chambers, who strives to live her voice and inspires others to do the same, especially women and young girls.

As an educator, Peppur taught journalism at Prague College and has taught drama and ESL classes to adults and children. She has been a guest speaker to students enrolled in Diversity in American Drama/Theater at Loyola Marymount University. Additionally, she developed a Creating Character writer’s workshop for the LA-based Women of Color Filmmakers group.


Skin / Beauty

Our Skin/Beauty class is taught by Licensed Esthetician and former Educator, Dana Williams, who is proud to be apart of EmpowHER Our Girls and skincare is her passion. She is excited to share her knowledge with growing girls. With Dana's help you will learn tips and tricks of self care to use throughout your lifetime. 

Dana started her career as a teacher after attending Ball State in Indiana at the age of 18. She taught in many districts over the years until her goals and enthusiasm for makeup lead to an esthetician training program. She graduated Tricocci University in Nov of 2016. She took a leap of faith and set out to start her own business, FacesbyDanaMarie, which lead me to becoming apart of ART Inc.

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