We provide after school, summer camp, and a variety of other programs to the community regardless of thier ability to pay.

Artists ReEnvisioning Tomorrow Inc’s (ART Inc) mission is “to inspire and empower the community through arts, education, and culture”. ART Inc is located in a diverse area that has high levels of family instability, poor mental and physical health, abuse, crime, homelessness, and poverty. Often times students who cannot afford arts education or tutoring do not have support, financial resources, or exist in an environment conducive to arts and academic success. Studies show that children from low-income families are less likely to be involved in arts activities than children from high-income families. The National Endowment for the Arts has proven that children who engage in the arts are more likely to excel academically and develop positive skills and behaviors.

The most crucial hours for youth are immediately after school. ART Inc was founded by Nikki and Jonathon Romain in December of 2017 to address this need by offering arts education and tutoring during the school year and to address the learning gap that happens when school is not in session. In 2018, the organization began offering after school arts programming based in schools. In July 2018, ART Inc purchased the former 50,000 sq. ft. Greeley School building. In keeping with a “Green” ideology, ART Inc turned the old, deteriorating school building into an economically and environmentally sustainable arts and community center. Approximately one year after purchase in June of 2019, ART Inc opened its doors in the former school, now named The Romain Arts & Culture Center. The first Summer Arts Camp was offered in 2019, and provided approximately 45 students, ages 11-14, with the opportunity to learn coding, filmmaking, drama, dance, STEAM, and visual arts.

Today, ART Inc offers the Arts Science and Leadership Academy (ASALA) program to address the arts education and achievement gap in inner city of Peoria which has an average attendance of 75-115 students daily.

Your contribution of any amount to ART Inc makes a significant impact to our mission and helps offer opportunities and support to our area youth. Giving is appreciated and we thank you for your consideration to support our mission to inspire and empower the community through arts, education, and culture.

Supporters like you help us maintain a sustained impact in the lives of children and youth regardless of their ability to pay.

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