Our Programs

Our objective at ART Inc involves making arts education affordable and accessible to all children, youth, and their families throughout the Peoria area, regardless of their financial situation.

Our programs provide a window of opportunity by offering a safe, nurturing environment for the area youth during peak juvenile crime hours.  The Romain Arts & Culture Center is nearly fifty thousand square feet and is being used for creating, inspiring, and teaching those who have generally been left behind.

ART Inc provides K-12 students with multidisciplinary arts based instruction during the most crucial hours of a child’s day. This school year, students will have the opportunity to learn about coding, film making, theater, dance, STEAM do it yourself projects, robotics, foreign language, creative writing, music, visual arts, contemporary arts and modern art.

Home School

ART Inc provides home school students with quality instruction in a broad range of arts during the day.

Family and Me

ART Inc provides early childhood arts education classes to children ages 0-5 years old and their caregivers. Our classes focus on quality multidisciplinary arts-based instruction such as Spanish, Music and Movement, and Visual Arts to name a few.



Lettuce Share Romain Community Garden

ART Inc provides gardening and greening opportunities for the nutritional and social well-being of the residents and the sustainability of the community.



Summer Arts Camp

Our summer camp for arts consists of students choosing a major from our list of multiclasses then being exposed to all our classes in order to choose a minor. Classes are age based and has capacity for maximum of 10 students.

In our first summer camp, we provided 34 students, ages 11-14, with the opportunity to learn about coding, film making, drama, dance, STEAM activities and visual Arts. 20 students who could not afford tuition were given financial need scholarships, which were made available through generous donations from individuals and corporations like you.

Adult Classes

ART Inc provides classes for adults ranging from dance, fitness, visual arts and more.

In The Schools

In partnership with Peoria Public Schools, we provide teaching artists for their 21st Century Learning Centers and full service community schools program in the following areas: yoga, visual arts, dance, theater, film-making, STEAM, sewing, cooking, music, contemporary art, modern art and other arts based classes. Throughout the course of the 2018-2019 school year, we provided employment for at least 20 different artists and served well over 200 students.


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